Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An Introduction, of Sorts

Hello and welcome!

Writing the first post on a blog feels just a tad intimidating.  And, so, I decided it'd be a good idea to kick off the blog on New Year's Day. It's the time of year when we look back to reflect on the year that's passed, and when we look forward to the upcoming year with a refreshed excitement about the future... a perfect time to get to know a person, yes?

This past year, 2012, was probably the most adventurous of my life. In May, my husband, Taras, and I left our professional jobs in Boston (as an accountant (me) and biomedical engineer (him)) and traveled the United States for six months, visiting all 50 states. For both of us, it was the first time we took a major risk and diverged from the traditional path that most young professionals follow - choosing to leave great jobs that we enjoyed and opting to spend our savings on travel instead of buying a home, that sort of thing. As you can imagine, the trip was amazing (visit our travel blog here!).

This trip led to the other big change of 2012: we relocated from Boston to Portsmouth, NH, a town on the seacoast that is just an hour north of Boston. Portsmouth is where Taras's family lives and is also 20 minutes away from my parents (who recently moved up from Florida). The move to Portsmouth is really the first step toward our future - it's where we always imagined we'd end up once we were ready to grow our family and get a home of our own. The trip gave us the perfect opportunity to make the move, having already decided to leave our jobs and apartment behind.

Currently, we're staying with Taras's parents. When we returned from our trip in November we decided to enjoy the holidays before worrying about work and the future.  And that's where things are right now - a lot of thinking and talking. The road trip helped us reevaluate our priorities and it gave us time to do some soul searching about what we want out of life, and how we want to go about getting it. And now, in 2013, it's time to work toward that life we want.

Thanks so, so much for visiting me here. In this space you can expect to see little parts of our life and all the things I love: family, friends, food, style, photography, design, nature, healthy living, and more.

And what about you? Any big reflections on 2012, or exciting goals for 2013?

photos from my instagram feed. 

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  1. love the new blog! can't wait to read more!


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