Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cocktail - The Anniversary

While we were at the lake house for our anniversary we decided to pick up a bottle of bourbon.  Often, we drink it neat, or with just one ice cube. But this time we wanted to mix it up a bit and make a cocktail, which I'm calling The Anniversary (because, let's face it, creative naming is not really my strong suit).

1 shot bourbon (or whiskey) of your choice
1 splash blackcurrant liqueur
2 drops angostora bitters
1 splash soda water

Adjust the amounts of liqueur and soda water to your liking. We're not really ones for sweet drinks and we both enjoy the taste of bourbon so the splashes of liqueur and soda water resulted in the perfect amount of sweetness and flavor for us. And you can probably substitute any liqueur you like - we made one version with an apricot liqueur and it was also very good.


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