Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Confession Vol. 2 | He & She

I recently came across this old blog post on love taza and thought it'd be a fun thing to document for ourselves. It was really fun to work on this together!

Without further ado, I bring you a confession on silly facts about us.

This post is part of my week-long celebration for our fifth wedding anniversary. Thanks for indulging me! You can see the other posts here

1. she's super impatient; he's in no hurry
2. we both like to run, but don't do it often enough
3. we are signing up for a half marathon to help us along
4. she's a dreamer; he's practical
5. we both love Jesus
6. we have both sported a pony tail for many years
7. she's happy his pony tail days are long gone
8. we are both trained nerds
9. she as an accountant; he as an engineer
10. we both have a traveler's soul. epic road trip, round 2?
11. she falls asleep in the car on every road trip; he happily drives the whole way, sometimes stealing a picture of the drool on her face.
12. we love each other very much
13. she, self admittedly, doesn't say it often enough
14. he loves mustard; she can't stand it
15. she can't stand most condiments, for that matter
16. he's been mushroom foraging in the Russian forest; she only dreams of such adventures
17. he likes card games; she'd rather read blogs
18. in high school, she was a member of the Future Farmers of America; he was in the Math League, a full on math-lete
19. she is older than him. by 16 days.
20. together, we have enough letters from degrees and certifications to nearly fill a bowl of alphabet soup
21. we are both night owls
22. even though we try terribly hard to be morning people
23. we both love bicycles so much that we name ours
24. when camping, he hacks down dead trees to make fire, while she sets a pretty table
25. he is a sci-fi fan; she prefers romantic comedies
26. we each have one brother
27. she likes fishing for 5 seconds; he can fish for 5 hours (see no. 1)
28. we both like single malt scotch
29. he took professional ballroom dance lessons as a kid; she can hardly keep a beat
30. she can type 60+ wpm, without looking; he pokes at the keyboard with a couple fingers
31. we are both great cuddlers


  1. awwww... I love you both, and can't belive that it has almost been 5 years. <3 Cassi

    1. Thank you! I really cannot believe it's been five years - I feel like I'm still 25, haha!


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