Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Confession Vol. 1 | On Moving

As a way to get more personal and encourage more discussion on the blog, I'll be bringing you a confession from time to time. Sort of like chatting over coffee (herbal tea for me, please). They won't usually be this long - promise!

As I touched on a bit in my first post, Taras and I recently moved from Boston (well, Cambridge) to Portsmouth, NH. You know what? This was a hard move. Let's talk about it, okay?

It's not like we had to leave Boston. It was a choice (self-inflicted pain? just kidding!), and no matter how many times we have the conversation (we can move back! we don't even have our own place here yet!) we still come to the same decision - Portsmouth is where we should be. And the struggle we're having right now is funny, considering how excited we were to move to Portsmouth. We were looking forward to being close to family, to being part of a smaller community, to finding new favorite restaurants, all that jazz.

And it's not that Portsmouth isn't delivering (well, we're struggling to find our new go-to restaurants)...

...It's just that we miss Boston more than we imagined we would. There's a pride we have for Boston and Cambridge, this desire to claim it as our city, and my wanting (in this moment) to live in a big city, not a small town. And, above all that, it's obvious we're hanging on to a phase of our lives that, so far, has given us some of our greatest memories. The time we lived in Boston was our first married years - young professionals, living it up at concerts, happy hours, and new restaurants. It's hard to leave the lifestyle behind and bottle up those memories, even if what lies ahead has the potential to bring us more joy and greater memories.

When we returned to Boston at the end of our trip we parked near our old apartment. The apartment we moved out of so we could go on said trip, knowing that when we returned, Portsmouth would become home. It was the first time it hit me that we no longer lived there, and it was a hard realization.  Really hard.  And then, last week, I updated my current city on all the social networks... it all felt so final. And while this final decision is difficult right now, there's some pride that this is one of the most adult decisions we've made together - choosing what we are sure we want for the future of our family over the instant gratification of what we want right this second. I'm sure it's all uphill from here, right?

Please don't take any of this personally, Portsmouth.  I'm sure someday soon we'll feel pride for you... we'll find our favorite restaurants... we'll start making memories of our own. But let's take it slow, okay? My heart still hurts a little.

And, not to worry, family and friends! We are happy and sure of our decision, even if we're dealing with some moving pains right now. (:

So, what about you - have you made any hard moves?


  1. Awww, I can totally see how you would be torn. It is time for your next big adventure though, so exciting!

    I’m actually on the verge of a “hard move” myself … leaving a career I have done well in to pursue a challenging and often not-so-prosperous totally new career path. Finally. After YEARS of talk. Very frightening indeed for a control freak who has become quite comfortable with steady paychecks and the like. I though, like you, know this is the right decision for my family’s future. Even if it is a little bitter sweet …

    Good luck to you sweet lady! I know you will ultimately always find happiness in whatever path you follow with your hubby and loved ones at your side :-)


    1. I'm so, so excited that you are taking this leap! I can't wait to see where it takes you. I hear you on leaving the comfort of a steady paycheck, eep! But it'll be worth it, for sure!

  2. You know, we come from the same small town. I remember being in high school, and I couldn't wait to get outside of Ocala. Moved to Lakeland, little bit bigger (closer to the big stuff in Orlando and Tampa)... yet when all was said and done, I choose to move back to Ocala. It felt like home. Moving to Columbia was one of the hardest things i have ever done. The marriage is wonderful. :) Our children our blessings. :) My family is even moving here. Yet, I miss the familiarity of home. Yet, over the past 5 months, Columbia has become home. I love the small town outside of Columbia that I live in... and then being able to drive just a short distance, over a beautiful bridge, and be in the city. I love parking meters and walking. I am coming to appreciate living here every day. I wouldnt want to go back. I miss it sometimes, but I know this is where I want to raise my family. Allow the growing pains... they make us part of who we are


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