Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nature Vol. 1

Nature is such a cool thing, right? While I've always enjoyed nature, it wasn't until our road trip that my love and appreciation for plants, animals, and landscapes really developed. Plants bring such beauty to our world, animals are exciting to observe, and landscapes give us endless space to picnic, hike, kayak - and on and on.

It's become important to me to be intentional in my appreciation of nature's beauty - to not take it for granted. And, with that, I've decided to make nature a regular column on the blog. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos and hearing the stories of what makes nature special to me.


This grass (pampas? feathertop?) grows along many of the roads around Portsmouth. I always love driving past them when the snow has freshly fallen; the snow sticks to the tops so beautifully. 

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