Monday, January 14, 2013

Our Love Story

How was your weekend? Ours was good, but the sunshine never came out to play (although, the warmer temps did melt away all the snow!).

Onto this week - this coming up Saturday will be mine and Taras's five year wedding anniversary! And, well, I can hardly believe it.  Time flies, that is for sure. Lucky (or unlucky?) for you guys I've decided to post little tidbits of our history on the blog this week. What good is having a blog if you can't be super vain every now and then? And, not to worry, this will not be an annual occurrence!

First up: our love story! The story is already written on our travel blog, so go on over there and have a read. Below are a few pics of us through the years. Thanks for letting me share! xo.

 Florida 2007

Costa Rica 2007

 Cambridge 2008

 Florida 2008

 Amsterdam (and Brussels) 2008

Florida and Boston 2009

Portsmouth 2009

 Washington DC 2010

 Bermuda 2010

 Vermont 2011

NYC 2012

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