Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Wedding

Today I'd like to share some pictures and details from our wedding...

Our wedding day was so much fun! Once we decided on a January wedding, we fully committed to the romance of winter and went for a more formal, evening affair. It was the complete opposite of what we'd initially imagined our wedding would be (summer, casual, outdoors). It turned out to be a huge blessing that we planned everything indoors - it was a rainy and chilly Florida day, one of the few winter-like days of the year. There was even a giant roar of thunder when the church doors opened for me to walk down the aisle!

All photographs are by Kris Graham.

This post is part of my week-long celebration for our fifth wedding anniversary. Thanks for letting me indulge! You can see the other posts here

It is funny to think that our wedding, just five years ago, was before Pinterest and the rise of awesome wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty.  It's funny to think about how our wedding would be if we planned it today, how my tastes have changed and how there are now more resources to find ideas.

A few details: we were married on January 19, 2008 in Jacksonville, FL (where I was living at the time); the service was at Grace Church of Avondale and the reception was downtown at the Omni Riverfront Hotel; we decorated in white, black, and shades of reds, using carnations and roses; our cake was from Publix (have you seen this?!); our favors were chocolates made by my brother's friend; a good friend, who happens to be the brother of our now sister in law, officiated the service; we did a traditional Russian bread ceremony and had a table with Russian teas and treats; a blue toilet made an appearance at our reception.

Later in the evening the rain finally stopped and a bunch of us walked over to the Landing to ride the mechanical bull - what good is having a southern wedding if you can't ride a bull on your wedding day, in your wedding dress? Our photographer, Kris Graham, followed us over to get a few pictures of us outside and on the bull - it was so sweet of him to make sure we got some photos other than those inside the church and reception room.

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