Thursday, January 10, 2013

Print Inspiration

The print above is one I quickly put together as a reminder of mine and Taras's theme for the year. While I'd love to say we portray all those attributes, all the time, it's unfortunately not true. Perfect, we are not. We've hung the print where we will both see it each day - maybe it will help keep us in check. A little positive reinforcement never hurt, right?

You can download the print here, if you'd like (note: the file for download has the text centered vertically on the page) (let me know if you have any trouble with the download). I printed ours on a piece of neutral-colored card stock, and it's sitting next to dried lavender and sand from our road trip and a Himalayan salt candle holder we received for Christmas (similar one here). 

Check out some prints I found on Etsy that have a similar message:

Love print by Jennifer Ramos
Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind print by Elizabeth Parsons
Be Kind print by PocketSizePress
Faith, Hope, and Love print by Makewells (not on etsy)
Be Awesome Today print by Kevin Lucius
Be Thankful print by Allyssa Zemke

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