Friday, January 4, 2013

Under $20 - Journals

It's the beginning of the New Year and resolutions are still going strong. But after the first couple of weeks it can be hard to keep the momentum going.  Here are a few journals from Chronicle Books, all under $20, that just might inspire you to keep at your goal all year long.

1 - Did you resolve to watch your spending this year? Get the What Did I Buy Today journal for $12.95.
2 - For those of your who resolved to do more good in this world, the One Good Deed A Day journal is $14.95.
3 - Plan to travel more this year? Get the Places To Remember travel journal for $8.99.
4 - Want to draw more? My Beautiful Life give prompts to help sketch your autobiography. $16.95.
5 - The Starting Today journal might be my favorite.  Read inspiring quotes, write daily intentions, and reflect on progress. $14.95.
6 - Did you resolve to remember more things this year? The One Line A Day journals lets your write down a memory each day for five years. $16.95.

Oh, and check out this round up from Deliciously Organized of free printable calendars! Happy 2013, friends!

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