Friday, February 22, 2013

Let's Cuddle

A while back this print was floating around on pinterest. I immediately pinned it to my for husband pinboard because we are serious cuddlers. If it were an Olympic sport we would be top competitors, I'm sure of it! Good thing for us, it's supposed to be a cold, snowy weekend and cuddling is pretty much the best thing to do in weather like that.

Here are my cuddling essentials:
Find it all here:
One: socks for him or her from Urban Outfitters
Two: sweatshirt for her from hello apparel
Three: leggings for her from Madewell
Four: Pia Wallen blanket  
Five: pants for him from Gap
Six: sweatshirt for him from Old Navy
Seven: t-shirt for him from Old Navy (because he always gets too hot in the sweatshirt)

Have a great (and cuddle-filled) weekend, friends!

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