Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Weekday Breakfast

I was reading a health article once that suggested eating the same breakfast each day. At first, I thought it was a bizarre suggestion - what good would eating the same breakfast every day do to help my health? Aren't we supposed to eat a variety of nutrients?

I've since come around to the idea, having realized that if I consistently eat a healthy breakfast it means I'm guaranteed to eat at least one healthy meal a day, and knowing what I'll eat in advance keeps me from grabbing a bagel or agonizing over what to make each day.

My breakfast of choice these days is a smoothie. When picking the ingredients, I stay away from gluten, grains, dairy, and all other animal products, this way I can give my digestive system a break. But I do splurge  on the weekends and either don't have the smoothie, or have it in addition to something else.

Breakfast Smoothie:
2 handfuls frozen blueberries
1 small handful frozen strawberries
1/4 small banana*
1 heaping handful spinach
1 tablespoon flax seed
1 teaspoon spirulina
Almond milk to cover the ingredients
Add it all to the magic bullet and voila

*I'm not a big banana fan, but it's a great natural sweetener and it gives a good consistency to the smoothie, so I put a little bit in.

Read more below on why I like the ingredients I've chosen...

Bananas - a natural sweeter, plus they add to your daily intake of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and iron. 
Blueberries and Strawberries - antioxidants, antioxidants, antioxidants!
Spinach - leafy greens are kind of the best thing around, nutritionally speaking. Calcium! Vitamin K! Vitamin A! Protein! Dietary Fiber! Adding this to my smoothie is key for me because I sometimes struggle to eat enough leafy greens. 

Ground Flax Seed - I add this to help with my intake of Omega-3s and fiber, and I hardly ever take a fish oil supplement now that I get Omega-3s in my breakfast every day. And flax seed can easily be added to a lot of things, like baked goods and cereal, for a little nutrient boost! Oh, and if you have a Christmas Tree shop where you live, they might carry that bag above for $2.99. 
Almond Milk - almond milk is my favorite alternative to regular milk, and it's full of those same nutrients you get from almonds: magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E. I always make sure to get the unsweetened kind with 0 grams of sugar.
Spirulina - yes, it's an algae! It's full of antioxidants and protein and you should really read this write-up if you're interested in it. 

I've also made a habit of taking my vitamins with breakfast... 
Probiotics - my daily fill of good bacteria that helps with digestion and gut health (like yogurt, but more of the good stuff in a pill form). 
Evening Primrose - I've recently started taking this regularly to help with my skin (I am prone to rosacea flare ups and my doctor recommend this supplement, among other things). Results to be determined, but reading the reviews on Amazon got me pretty excited for all the other potential positive side effects: stronger hair, alleviating menstrual cycle discomfort, and even helping with labor - wha?!.  
Multivitamin - I quit taking a daily multivitamin because I know I eat most of the nutrients I need. I take one mutlti maybe once a week, just to be safe.
Other Supplements - I take a fish oil supplement once a week or so (since I get my Omega-3s from flax seed) and during the winter I take vitamin C and D supplements to help keep away winter sickness!

Do you have a go-to breakfast routine?

PS - I just shared a lot of the supplements and vitamins that I like, but I am not a nutritionist, doctor, or otherwise health professional. Please speak to the appropriate person and do your own research before adding any new supplements to your diet! 

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  1. I hear a lot of people talking about flax seed. I've never tried it in anything. Is it tasteless? I might try it if I couldn't taste it...

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    1. It has a slight nutty taste, in my opinion. I find that when I put it in the smoothie or include it in baking, I don't notice the taste... but I've put it in a bowl of cereal before and I did notice the flavor. Depending on how finely the flax seed is ground, you might notice a bit of the texture in a smoothie.

  2. i am really glad i came across your blog!
    this smoothie looks delish - i'll have to check out spirulina, i am always looking for new healthy foods and add-ins

  3. props to you for being so healthy! iw ish i could just have smoothies for breakfast!

    1. I'm always shocked by how long it keeps me full! But I do usually have fruit/almonds as a mid-morning snack to keep me going until lunch!


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