Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nature Vol. 6

On Sunday, when some snow started falling, we all looked out the window to see if any of the snow was sticking. What we found instead was a beautiful, red bird sitting in a tree near the house. Once that guy flew away, two more gorgeous blue birds perched themselves for a while in the neighboring tree. (Ed. note: we think the birds were a Northern Cardinal and Blue Jays. -Taras)

I couldn't get over how beautiful their colors looked against the bare tree limbs covered in new snow.

Do you have any birds that hang out around your house?

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  1. Oh, I completely adore the bright birds amidst the wintry branches!

  2. I love this - especially the close up of the cardinal! So cool!! I used to do a "Wildlife Wednesday" on my blog because I loved taking/posting pictures of nature.. I'm excited to look through the rest of your nature posts!

    1. Thank you! I love that you used to do a wildlife series, so cool. I agree, nature is so beautiful... it's fun to force myself to take the time to notice and appreciate it.


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