Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Weekend...

Did everyone have a good weekend?

Taras had a meeting in Cambridge on Friday so I tagged along and we stayed through Saturday. During his meeting I visited some of our Central Square favorites (lunch at Life Alive and tea at 1369) and when he was finished we finally went to Mr. Bartley's and had a good laugh about how we never managed to visit this burger institution during the five years we lived down the road (tip: going at 3pm is a good idea - no line)!

Saturday we played around Harvard Square for a bit and enjoyed free chili and entertainment at the chili cook-off.  And then, the highlight of the day, we went to the Taza Chocolate factory for a craft beer + chocolate tasting and ended up standing in line outside, in the freezing cold, for... an hour and a half? Afterward, we decided that samples of beer and chocolate are not worth losing all feeling in your feet - never again!

Happy Monday!


  1. Ah, this makes me so nostalgic! My husband and I lived there for a few years and just moved back to California.

    1. I totally hear you! We recently moved away to Portsmouth, NH but I'm happy we're only an hour away... I definitely left a big chunk of my heart there!


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