Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Weekend...

I don't have very many photos to show for our weekend, but here's what we did:

We ended up in Cambridge for a chunk of time, cheering on the WPI swim team during NEWMACs championships at the MIT pool. Taras swam in college and became an assistant coach for 7 years after graduating, but this year he didn't get to help out with the team because of our trip. It was fun to have a weekend for him to catch up with the coaches and see some swimming... and I got my annual fill of hearing him called by his college nickname, Turk. Taras would love for our future kids to be little swimmers and I think I'm good with this plan... swim season happens to be during the winter and those pools are hot + humid. It just might be the only way for this Florida girl to make it through these winters!

Since we were in our old neighborhood anyway, we made sure to stop in at Green Street for dinner. They are one of our favorites and never disappoint - this time around I had the mushroom gnocchi, yummm!

In other news, we decided that since Taras goes back to work this week it's time for us to put our big kid pants back on and really join back into the read world. To kick things off, we started going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace program, as we gear up for buying a house, saving for our future, and all that jazz. We had a marathon session on Saturday and, aside from some expected corny jokes, this CPA approves (we did breeze through the first few sessions, thanks to already having used a family budget and because we're used to working together on the finances).

I hope you all had a great weekend and are gearing up for a good week!

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