Thursday, February 21, 2013

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts on my morning commute...

- Did I even tell you I have a morning commute? I do. Not only did Taras go back to work, but so did I! We are officially adults again! I'm helping out my old company in Boston during busy season (yay, accountants!) so a couple days a week I'm commuting into the city.

- Having a commute like this is a way different ballgame than when I lived and worked in Boston/Cambridge.  No more 20 minute bike rides for me! For this commute, I have to get up at 5:30 am, catch the 6:20 am bus, then sit on the bus for... an hour and a half on a good traffic day. Good thing it's only a couple days a week because it makes for a long day.

- This is probably over-sharing but, geeze, my weak bladder does not get along well with the bumpy bus ride. And the bus bathrooms are not the most fun thing to use.

- I eat two breakfasts on commute days - a smoothie before leaving the house, then fruit/oatmeal when i get to the office. Early mornings make me hunnngry!

- Do you now how cold it is in New Hampshire at 5:30 in the morning in February?  It's cold.

- Do you know what else? I see the sunrise twice a week now. That's pretty cool.

- Taras and I joke that these early mornings are getting me ready for kids. So, basically, I now know that I will be a tired zombie when we have kids. Does that sound about right?

Any random thoughts going through your head this morning?

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