Thursday, February 7, 2013

So, I Married a Russian... Vol. 2 | Childhood

I thought it'd be fun to start from the beginning and have a little Q&A with Taras about his childhood in Russia:

I'm going to do us all a favor and skip over the part where I apologize for any awkward words, movements, hair, etc. Awkwardness is a given with these vlogs, yes? 

[Do you guys like the video format? Or would you prefer written Q&A's?]

Here are some pictures of Taras and his younger brother, Tony, growing up in Russia:

So there you have it! At the core, Taras's childhood in Russia was very much like mine in the US. But there are definitely some cultural differences, like the "summer houses" with no running water that were used for growing and preserving crops for the coming year, or how a lot of consumer products that were widely available in the US were not necessarily always available in Russia. Maybe a good example of the difference with product availability are the pictures in this post from Taras's childhood - they are black and white, since color film was not yet widely available in Russia, whereas all my childhood photos are in color. 

What about you, what was your childhood like? Did you grow up in the States? 

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