Friday, February 8, 2013

This Week...

This was a good week for us! Taras accepted a job position, which means we are no longer vagabonds and are back to living in the real world. It was a good run, having no jobs or commitments... I guess you could say that our first retirement was very nice. These past couple months taught us a lot about patience and truly trusting that God has a plan, even if it's not the same plan we had for ourselves. :)

We went out last night with Taras's brother and our sis in law to celebrate the good news (we hit up Rudi's new wine bar for happy hour appetizers and martinis). It was really our first night out on the town since living in Portsmouth and the night left us excited to start finding our favorite haunts. Any locals reading this have some favorite happy hour spots?

All right, onto the weekend! The snow is already coming down so we'll be holed up at home as we wait out Nemo - send warm thoughts our way!

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