Thursday, March 14, 2013

Confession Vol. 4 | Five Things

So... everyone's doing it. Five things about me, here we go.

1. I love being active and being outdoors - I love camping and hiking, and just generally being in the great outdoors. If you've known me all my life, you know it hasn't always been this way, haha!

2. I hate the bathroom fan. It's. so. loud. And it doesn't matter if I'm showering in the morning or at night, I still can't handle the noise. I think showering should be peaceful and relaxing. And this Florida girl needs that little bit of humidity each day!

3. Chopping food, like fruit and veg, is one of my favorite things on earth. It's so soothing, don't you think? When I'm chopping stuff, I just zone out and take a mental break. I feel the same way about ironing, although, my husband would agree that I don't do much ironing these days. Oh! And folding clothes. I feel the same way about folding clothes.

4. I loathe getting a haircut. I know, I know - can I even consider myself a lady after stating something like that? I think it's because I've never found a stylist who really gets what I want. And, of course, when we were on our road trip my hairs needed cut ever so badly by the time we made it to Cali. We happened to be visiting a friend and her hair looked so good. Then her friend's hair looked so good. So I booked myself an appointment with their stylist and, of course, best haircut EVER! Taras, can I please, please fly to Cali every time I need a haircut? Since I already know his answer to this question, I suppose it's time to search for my go-to gal (or guy!) in Portsmouth. Any recommendations?

5. I love blogging. It's such a funny thing, blogging. Some people get it. Others don't. For me, I think it pushes me to do more. To be better and to appreciate the little things in life. To be more introspective about who I am and what I enjoy. I find myself more motivated to pursue my passions - learning more about photography, cooking more, understanding more about healthy living... basically, it pushes me to do all the things I'm interested in and it gives me a forum to share what I've learned. And I'm not even sure why the blog motivates me in this way. Is it just because I'm documenting it? Or because I hope that I might inspire someone else? Whatever the reason behind the motivation, I'm just happy I've found my thing.

Some other five things I've enjoyed: Natalie, Bridget, Jen, Liz, and Sydney.

If you post a five things of your own (or have already done one) leave the link in the comments!

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