Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Healthy "Cookies"

If you're active on pinterest, chances are you've noticed some version of these healthy cookies, made with quick oats and bananas. Finally, we decided to attempt these cookies for ourselves and see if they're really worth all the hype. Maybe you noticed that they made the menu at our brunch?

We used this recipe as our starting point, because the whole two ingredients only (plus the mix-ins of your choice) really interested me. We've made two batches so far and are still working on finding our favorite consistency and flavor combination. I would say that I like the mixture to be a bit thicker before putting it in the oven. And you may remember from my smoothie post that I don't love the taste of bananas, but I do love that they're a natural sweetener, so I'm working to cover the taste a bit.

Here's my favorite add-in combo so far: base recipe of bananas and quick oats, chopped walnuts, vanilla extract, ground flax seed, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Oh, yeah, and these are vegan-friendly and gluten free (as long as the oats don't have traces of gluten).

I really am a big fan of these cookies (just keep in mind that they will be gooey and healthy, and don't really have the same consistency as a traditional cookie). They're a great snack or breakfast on the go, and they've become my mid-morning treat on my early commuting days since they're so easy to transport.

If you've already tried these out, what did you think of them? And if you do attempt them, I'd love to hear how they turn out!

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