Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Weekend...

This weekend didn't start off very promising: on Friday we got a lot of snow, way more than we were prepared for, which just left me wondering where the heck spring is already! But then the sunset that night was stunning and pink (so beautiful that Taras called me on his way home from work to make sure I didn't miss the sight), and then the weekend (and weather) was all uphill from there.

The rest of the weekend was full of flowers and sushi...

Friday night Taras and his dad brought us ladies home some flowers, sushi, and champagne to celebrate Women's Day. Then on Saturday Taras and I headed to Natick to catch up with friends and their baby toddler over (more) sushi. And, seriously, there's no hiding that it's been way too long since seeing each other when a baby is clearly no longer a baby (let's not wait so long for the next visit, Nick & Natasha!).

Guess what else happened on Saturday? We had some warm(ish) weather - it got up to over 42 degrees, hooray!

On Sunday we had an awesome family brunch to welcome spring, a Russian tradition that I'll share more about tomorrow. :) And we also spent a solid five hours going through old papers and organizing our important files and, I gotta say, it feels good to start off a week feeling so organized.

Happy Monday!

PS - over the past week I have gotten some of the sweetest words of encouragement about this blog. Thank you, friends! xo

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  1. So sweet. I am looking forward to the entry about the brunch, I am always looking for an excuse to brunch! And to embrace other cultures. :)

  2. Maybe I should marry a Russian! Looks amazing.... nice work!

    1. haha, yeah, i got lucky with my guy!


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