Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prosciutto Three Ways

The last couple of weeks were heavy on the health side of things so it's time to balance it out a bit...

One thing you'll learn about me through this blog is that I'm not much of a natural cook, in that I won't often create my own recipes to share. My brother, a chef in NYC, was the one blessed with the family culinary skillz. But I do love to take recipes and make them my own (or, you know, just make them exactly how the recipe says to).

Taras came home with some sliced prosciutto and I felt inspired to do more with it than the usual serve with cheese and bread approach - even though I do love me some meat and cheese plates. Below are three dishes (all of which I found on pinterest) that we cooked to make good use of the sliced prosciutto. As a general note, we learned quickly to really watch the added salt in these dishes since prosciutto is already salty on its own.

You might remember these baked eggs from my parents' birthday brunch. We used this recipe as our base, but put in the mix-ins that we had on hand: mushrooms, spinach, and prosciutto (we skipped the cheese). The most laborious part of this dish is separating the whites from yolks. It's definitely worth the effort (look how pretty they are!) and it's pretty easy (it was Taras's first time and he only broke one yolk).

For a quick lunch, we used the idea from this recipe. To make things simpler, we fried the eggs instead of poaching them. We didn't have arugula on hand so we used spinach instead, but if you have arugula we both agree that its peppery taste would stand up best to the richness of the prosciutto. Instead of bagels we used gluten free (for me) and whole wheat (for Taras) toast. I get excited thinking of all the possibilities of an open-faced fried egg sandwich and I love that it's an easy idea for either breakfast or lunch!

Not exaggerating, I'm sure that 90% of the people I follow on pinterest pinned this recipe. It keep showing up in my feed and I couldn't get it off my mind! It. was. good. SO GOOD! Be sure to watch the salt with this one because both the prosciutto and olives are rich with salt. We used brown rice pasta, which absorbed the sauce very well. We made it a second time with whole wheat pasta and less butter, but it wasn't as good as the first time around... so, yeah, the butter might be key.

And, no, we didn't eat all of these in one day. :)

Do you like prosciutto and have any go-to ways of using it?

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  1. It's nice to see recipes where prosciutto is not just wrapped around something else (like melon). Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Right?! Before my search of these recipes the only thing I ever did with prosciutto was eat it with cheese, haha!


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