Friday, March 1, 2013

Pup Love

Here's the thing: I'm not really a dog person. I'm fine with them (as long as they don't lick me, hah!), but I don't dream of having a family dog the way Taras does. I mean, Taras has a well-edited list of dog breeds that he thinks would make a good future addition to our family and I sort of push the whole idea off knowing that it'll be a while yet before we even have the space for a dog.


We've been dog sitting this past week and I'm definitely coming around to this whole dog-having idea. The pups follow me wherever I go and they cuddle right in next to me as I edit pictures and write blog posts. Every now and then they wake up, stretch, and assume a new cuddling position. It's kind of the cutest thing ever.  I even texted Taras a photo of the pups while he was at work the other day - crazy talk!

For all you pup lovers out there, here's a round-up of goodies for you:

1: Hair of the dog flask from Izola
2: Canine coaster set from Rifle Paper Co.
3: Hippy dog shirt from Asos
4: Photobooth dogs book from ModCloth
5: Pup tote from ModCloth
6: Temporary tattoo from Tattly 
7: Dog tumblers from uncommon goods

See other round-ups here!

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  1. sweet! I was never a dog person either, and now we have two, and I love them to pieces! Don't know what we ever did for entertainment around the house before we had dogs! Ha! Just found your blog today, and had such a nice visit. Beautiful photos! I look forward to following along!

    1. It's amazing to me how enertaining dogs can be! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I miss having a doggy :(

    Manda, I cant thank you enough for your sweet comment yesterday. I sound like an emotional disaster but it almost made me cry! Thanks for being so great to us.

    Much love, Mand


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