Wednesday, April 3, 2013

City vs. Country | On Country

I've touched on this topic before (here): the struggle of city (Boston) vs. country (Porstmouth/Greenland, NH). Taras and I have both gone back and forth on the whole city vs. country thing, and we've been on the same (non-committal) page.  It all came to a head last week when we had to decide, once and for all, if we were ready to leave city life behind. There was an opportunity to be pursued or to not be pursued... and where we planned to live played a big role in the decision we needed to make.

Today, I'm sharing a little bit of what country means to me. I'll be back tomorrow with what city means to me and with the answer to where our hearts have settled.

On Country: 

I grew up in a country town in Florida and back then country meant having friends with family farms, riding in big trucks (yes, we even went to mud holes!), finding the tightest Wrangler jeans to wear, dating boys who chewed tobacco, watching friends ride bulls in the local rodeo, and being a member of the Future Farmers of America (I left the cow raising to my brother but did my share of floriculture judging, poultry judging, and so on).

Today, country doesn't really mean the same things. When I talk about choosing a life in the country it means to live in a smaller town and to have a little bit of property... for a garden so we can grow our own veggies... and maybe plant an apple tree... and maybe get some chickens. It means having space for little Bouzakines to run around and a yard so we can have friends over for an al fresco dinner. In growing some of our own food, it means having the ability to teach our kids first-hand about where food comes from, and to instill values of working with their hands. It means possibly living more quietly and more simply.

It means something like this...

Okay, not that many chickens.

photos sources: first and second by Micheal A. Muller; third by Olivia Rae James; fourth by Emerson Fry; fifth by The Fresh Exchange.

** And, seriously, watch this video! It gives me chills every time I watch it. This land was made for you and me. So good. (Read more about it here.) **

Stay tuned for on city tomorrow.

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