Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Back! On Boston + Other Thoughts

Hello, everyone! I apologize for the extended absence - after a wonderful week in Germany I decided to keep off the blog for another week and catch up on life a bit.

So... Germany was so much fun! I posted a few photo highlights over at our travel blog and will be doing more detailed posts over there after we wrap up our 2012 road trip posts.


The week we were in Germany was the week of the Boston bombings. And while I don't want to get into it too much now that the city is moving forward, I will say a couple things.

Gosh, I love Boston. Even though we have moved to NH, between work and social events I easily spend more waking hours in Boston than in NH, so it is still very much my city (and, even if I weren't there so often, the love I have for Boston would be the same nonetheless).

It was hard to be away while the events were unfolding. When something like that happens it's hard to know what you can even do to help, but you know that if you were there you would just be part of the community and move forward with everyone else. It was difficult to be so detached from the community that I so love. I guess I'd compare it to wanting to be with your bestie when they go through something - you may not know what to say or do, but it's important to just be there, ya know? More than anything I wanted to go for a run on the Charles River because, my goodness, that is Boston in a nutshell and I've never felt like more of a part of Boston than when I ran on the Charles.

Last week we went to a Red Sox game. It was a beauuutiful day so I decided to walk over to Fenway from my office downtown. It happened to be the same day they opened up Boylston Street, so I took that route over. The street was filled with so many people of the community who had come over to get their own sort of closure on the events. Walking down the street, I could hear those around me showing their friends where they were standing (talk about getting chills - it's amazing that they were unscathed). There were marathon runners, wearing their jackets and medals. There were, of course, tons of news reporters. And then there were people like me, those who were maybe never in harm's way, but who came to pay their respects and have a moment of silence and prayer. I know this past weekend the street saw much of that same activity - so many friends did facebook check-ins at Boylston Street businesses, out there to support the neighborhood and the community, and getting closure in their own ways.

And though I finally feel like I've been able to be part of the community through these events and gotten my own sort of closure, the truth is, me getting what I needed doesn't matter at all. There are families and friends who lost loved ones, and people whose lives are significantly different now that they have to move forward with a new reality, one that includes one less leg, or worse. And for those people, Boston is still behind them. We are still One Boston, even the city buses are still proclaiming it.

Maybe that was more than just a few words...


In other news, I wanted to let you know that I will start posting less frequently. Between this blog, our travel blog, and work, I was wearing myself too thin. It was all pushing into the weekend, which is the time I value to spend with my friends and family. I will aim for three posts a week, sometimes posting less or more. Thanks for understanding, friends!

The photos from this post were taken around Boston last week.

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