Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Friday + Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Friday and happy Mother's Day weekend! It's also my birthday weekend, hooray! I like to think that I was the best Mother's Day gift ever.  :)

Flowers are always a staple for Mother's Day and I really love these fun takes on flower giving:

A potted plant (they last longer!) wrapped up beautifully. By Martha Stewart.

An affirmation bouquet is such a great way to express thankfulness to the mamas in your life. By Anna at IHOD, printables included

Single blooms wrapped in kraft paper and colorful thread or twine - simple and sweet. By 31 Bits

PS - Need a last minute gift? I adore this box of chocolate!


  1. I love flowers, giving and (I must admit) receiving them! I was sadly not at home for mother's day, but I will spend some time with my momma this weekend to make up for it!

    1. flowers are the best - they bright up any day! have fun with your momma this weekend!


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