Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Weekend...

We'd been away from home a lot during the past few weeks and the rest of May will be busy, so I was excited to have a little bit of a free weekend to catch our breath.

Last week marked a year from when we set off on our US road trip, and I did a little reflection post over on the travel blog, if you'd like to read it (here). We had dinner in Cambridge on Friday night to mark the occasion and to do a little reminiscing, and we ended up eating at the same restaurant where we had our last meal together, pre-trip. It was unplanned but really nice that it worked out that way (holla, Rendezvous, we heart you).

We enjoyed a slower pace over the rest of the weekend, while managing the obligatory celebrations: mint julep drinking and Kentucky Derby watching, along with some nacho eating, margarita drinking, and Cinco de Mayo-ing. We even threw in a little hike for good measure. Oh! And it was warm enough and sunny enough to enjoy a beer in the great outdoors. The weather is definitely turning for the better!

And in news not related to our weekend at all, but surely important to this week: THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF MY 20S! Yep, next Monday I will be turning the big 30. So I plan to really enjoy this last week of being a young twenty-something. And by "really enjoy," I mean I'll be working out every day and slathering on some anti-wrinkle cream, all in the effort to turn back the wheel of time. Kidding! No, I'm not kidding.

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