Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life Lately...

I disappeared there for a while, didn't I? I'm offering a wordy recap of what's been going on, plus some crappy iPhone pictures as an apology. You're welcome.

[The short version, in case you don't want to read all this jazz: I traveled to Jacksonville for a long girls' weekend, we've decided to rent for a year instead of jumping into home ownership, and Taras and I spent way too much time apart.]

I took a long girls' weekend trip to Jacksonville a couple weekends ago. Us gals went to gather around a bestie who needed a few extra hugs, and it turned into the most amazing ladies' weekend of pampering and beaching. We all decided that us girls deserve spa days and girl time, and we need to make more of an effort to make it happen.

And, let me tell you, going back to Florida this time around was a little tough. It was one of those amazing trips that made me remember everything I loved about living in Jacksonville and St. Augustine and had me questioning our future. No, we won't be moving back down there, but it was a good exercise in making me really examine if I'm happy in Portsmouth and happy with the path we're on to home ownership, etc., etc.

What came out of that whole ordeal is that we've decided to rent in Portsmouth for a year before committing to a house. Just to make sure we'll really be happy settling down here, you know? After just a few days of stalking Craigslist we were able to find a place; we move out of Taras's parents and into our new place this weekend!

Taras also took a solo trip down to DC for work. I couldn't swing tagging along this time, and I must admit I was a little jealous of him discovering new spots in one of our favorite cities without me. Although, he was sweet enough to include me on his adventures via constant text updates. :)

When all was said and done we had gone over a week of hardly seeing each other. Such a change from what our lives were like at this time one year ago, when we were attached at the hip every minute of the day. It was like a little glimpse back to the days of our long-distance relationship, pre-wedding, just more texts and less actual phone conversations this time around!

Add in some super delayed and cancelled flights, a bff's 30th birthday, a weekend Mad Men marathon, and some work, and that's basically what I've been up to!

Our first meal when we got to town. Nothing like Florida-style dining, right on the water - our table was on the beach sand!

A trusty favorite of Jax Beach - Lynch's. 

A day of lady pampering. If you find yourself in Jacksonville, go spend some time at One Ocean. Go to the spa, grab a cocktail at the bar, or even stay the night (go for a balcony room!). The resort is decorated so beautifully. 

Oh, St. Augustine. As far as cities go, this little one was my first love.

Reunion dinner with the hubs between our trips. It was weird seeing each other after six days apart, and it took us the full dinner to get back into the swing of things.

Friday night Bruins watching and bff birthday celebrating. 

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