Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

Saturday was a blur of moving and unpacking boxes, with a break in the middle for margaritas and Mexican food (I will always take a break for Margs and Mex!).

Isn't moving just the worst? I mean, it's fun to be in a new space, but the initial moving and unpacking really is the worst. A few times over the weekend I made a grand declaration that maybe we'll rent here longer than a year, just so we don't have to move again so soon! :) On that note, a huge thank you to all our family for helping us this weekend!

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to spend time with both of our dads. We put my dad to work to help build our new grill, then he and Taras grilled us up a delicious lunch. Meanwhile, my mom helped me organize and unpack dozens of boxes. By the end of my parents' visit we had empty space and could actually walk around the living room - hooray! That evening, we joined Taras's side of the family for a meat-filled Father's Day dinner at Poppers. So. Much. Delicious. Meat. I'm just going to tell you: if you go to Poppers with at least six meat eaters, order the Grand Charcuterie Board and be amazed.

I probably won't be back on the blog for the rest of this week - I'm going to spend my spare time making this house into a home. :)

Have a fantastic week, friends!

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