Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Interior Design Inspiration

I feel like I've been going on and on about getting settled into our new space and all the furniture shopping that has gone along with it... but it really has been all-consuming! We got rid of almost everything when we left Boston, so starting from scratch has been a bit overwhelming.

After a few days of feeling like I had no idea where to start, I finally pulled together some inspiration from my pinterest boards. Here's a look at some spaces I'm inspired by (please ignore the grammar errors on the mood board!):

When I showed these to Taras, I was pleasantly surprised by how on board he was with everything - totally excited to get some color in our life and even ready for a statement couch.

So far we're coming along slowly but surely - I could have never imagined how much time it'd take to choose a couch color or to pick between different styles of chairs. We've ordered a couch that should be here in a few weeks (spoiler: in the end, we decided not to get a statement-colored couch), we found a dining room table, and our dining room chairs came on Monday - hooray!

I'm excited to get these larger pieces in the house so I can start pulling it all together with the fun, small stuff - art, rugs, pillows, that sort of thing. And it should be interesting to see if the finished rooms even end up having a similar vibe to these inspiration photos.

I'm curious: do you have a favorite source for finding home decor inspiration?

You can find all of these photos in my interior design pinterest board, and follow those links for sources.

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