Friday, August 23, 2013

My Favorite Ballet Flats

And here-goes a whole post about one pair of shoes...

Back when I lived in Florida, I wore either flip flops or high heels, most of the time. But once I moved to Boston and my feet became my primary mode of transportation (and let's not forget to mention the uneven, brick sidewalks throughout parts of the city), high heels took a backseat in my closet.

Ballet flats quickly became my favorite walking shoe, save for winter when boots are the only logical option. And aren't ballet flats just the best? They're comfortable and simple, yet classy, and you can find them in a rainbow of colors and designs.

A couple years ago I was browsing through DSW when my girlfriend stopped in front of these P-Heaven ballet flats by Steve Madden and declared them the best ever. She had purchased a few colors on a past visit, and scooped up some replacement ones as soon as she spotted them. I followed suit, and over the next two years I wore those shoes out. My friend was right about them: after a few wears they fit my foot perfectly, I loved the simple design, and I didn't even mind the tiny bit of toe cleavage. They really are a great, reasonably priced, basic flat. Sure, I could splurge a lot more and probably find a better shoe to rave about, but for the price point, these things are great.

One day last week I realized just how gnarly my shoes had gotten. It was time to replace them and I nearly held my breath as I went onto the Steve Madden website to see if they still sell these -- and they do! I ordered another round of the basic black and cognac leather ones. And, really, at $40 per pair, the cost-per-wear of these shoes will be down to pennies in no time flat. (See what I did there?)

Do you have a favorite shoe that you keep stocked in your closet? Back in my Florida days, I always had a pair of Rainbow Sandals at the ready.

PS - Since writing this post, my new flats have arrived. I love them! But, full disclosure, they're taking a tad bit longer to break in this time around. xx


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