Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nature | Peirce Island

Just off the South End of Portsmouth is Peirce Island. While the Island provides some super practical amenities for the city - public boat launch, playground, outdoor swimming pool, and waste management center - it also provides (dog friendly) walking paths with outlooks that open up to beautiful views of the Naval Shipyard and the Piscataqua bridges.

We spent an evening walking around the island, reading about the area's history on information signs throughout the path, and wandering down to the shore so Taras could skip some rocks as I watched the boats pass by. Just don't wander too close to the waste management center on a warm summer day :)

We made our way over to Four Tree Island, where we took note of the public bathrooms and picnic tables, and promised to return sometime in the future for a sunset picnic. We found a lot of friends on this island - birds, squirrels, and other critters - and Taras played with his new buddies using the berries and other treasures he had gathered during our walk. I'm pretty sure a trip around these walking paths would be fun for a boy (or girl!) of any age.

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