Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nature | Sunset at Wallis Sands

Like it or not, this summer is slipping away, so we're trying our best to soak in what's left of these warm days.

This weekend we decided to shake up our usual running routine. We drove over to the beach for a run down Ocean Boulevard, with just enough time to finish our run and settle in for a waterfront picnic as the sun was setting.

Now, being on the east coast, we aren't able to watch the sun disappear over the water. But we do get to witness the amazing cloud and sky show that's been happening all summer long - the sky changes from blue to different neon and pastel shades of orange, purple, and pink. It's a treat to watch.

I snapped these photos with my iPhone and thought it was fun to see the sky transform - from a blue sky when we arrived, then to the neon glow during that magical golden hour, and, finally to the pastel pink right before the last bit of sunlight disappeared.

PS - Wallis Sands Beach in the winter.


  1. Wow this is beautiful is this near Boston ha ha I want to go to Bri's event too.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

    1. It's about an hour north of Boston, right by Portsmouth, NH - a beautiful area! Wouldn't it be so fun to go to Bri's event?!

  2. wow!! i dont think that sky could be more beautiful!


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