Thursday, September 5, 2013

Katy Perry: Part of Me

I will officially say that I never expected for Katy Perry to be a topic on my blog. I mean, I like her and her music just fine, but I would have never considered myself a legitimate fan.

But I kept hearing that her documentary from her 2011 tour was really great, especially if you find yourself needing a bit of inspiration about setting goals and having hard work pay off. Courtesy of a rainy Labor Day, I decided to give the movie a watch (available on Netflix streaming).

I'll admit, I really liked the movie - it was a nice reminder that even celebrities have to work hard to get what they have, and to keep it. And it's always refreshing to see a celebrity portrayed as really down-to-earth, especially when it seems genuine, rather than just good editing. I might have even shed a tear or two while watching it... maybe all the singing and dancing in fantastical fairy tale-inspired costumes really hit a soft spot with me, who knows?

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