Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Best Travel Purse

Before we left on our trip, I made it my mission to find the perfect travel purse. You know... not too big, not too small. Durable. Comfortable. Preferably with an across-the-body strap. And cute would be good, too. But not too nice because, well, things get dirty when you travel (like when there's nowhere to hang your purse in that public bathroom stall, or when you brush up against who-knows-what on that public park bench).

We were down to about a week before the trip when I finally came across the zip-top canvas hobo at our Old Navy outlet store (mine is brown, which they don't seem to have online). The purse hit all my check marks and at a price-point of $22.94, I knew I wouldn't be freaking out every minute about something getting on the bag.

During our two week tour of Paris and St. Petersburg, this purse worked perfectly for daytime frolicking in the cities - the bag even fit a small umbrella (thank goodness! it rained a lot!), a bottle of water, and snacks. But the BEST part of this purse is its zippered fold-over pocket (basically a hidden middle compartment), where I could keep all my important stuff safely hidden! And, bonus, two weeks of travel later and the bag is still in great shape.

Taras might have ended up carrying my purse more than I did, bless him. Maybe next time I'll make sure the bag is a bit more gender-neutral. :)

PS - You can see a sneak peek of our time in Paris and St. Petersburg right here.

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