Monday, October 7, 2013

Colorful Tea Kettles

It's official: we don't have a tea kettle. We were sure our old kettle was hiding in some unpacked box, but it seems the tea kettle didn't make the move with us.

And, well, we can't have a home without a tea kettle - especially during fall and winter! Sure, we've been getting along just fine by heating up water in a saucepan, but I'm ready for a cute, colorful tea kettle to take its place on top of our stove.

Which would you pick?

Clockwise from the top:
Le Creuset Zen Teakettle from amazon
KitchenAid Porcelain Tea Kettle from Bed Bath & Beyond
Rachael Ray Whistling Tea Kettle from Target
FancyCook Whistling Tea Kettle from amazon
Copco Camden Tea Kettle from amazon
Reston Lloyd Teapot from amazon
Farberware Luna Tea Kettle from Bed Bath & Beyond
Chantal Tilt Teakettle from Target
Le Creuset Halo Tea Kettle from Bed Bath & Beyond
Calypso Basics Whistling Tea Kettle from amazon

PS - these electric water kettles are pretty cute, too.

1 comment:

  1. Oh these are so fun! I'm a yellow/orange gal so I would pick one of those!


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