Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peaches, Three Ways

Peach season is basically long-gone at this point. But we grabbed some of the last peaches of the season while we were at the farm apple picking, and they needed to be eaten up real fast. Here's how we made the most of 'em:

One of my favorite ways to enjoy peaches is on top of some good Greek yogurt (usually Trader Joe's), with a sprinkle of walnuts and a drizzle of honey. Seriously. So good.

File this one under: it tastes better than it looks, I swear. Toast up a piece of bread, spread on some ricotta cheese, and top with fresh ground pepper (extra pepper for me, please!), prosciutto, and peaches. It's delicious.

And my most interesting undertaking was making a peach drinking vinegar, using this recipe. I've been known to put a bit of apple cider vinegar in my drinking water for its health benefits (here's one of many write-ups about it), so I was definitely curious to try this out. I used honey instead of sugar, and it seems that these drinking vinegars give you a lot of wiggle room, as you can use the fruit, vinegar, and sweetener of your choice. I added a few tablespoons of the peach vinegar to a glass of sparkling water and it was divine - a little sweet and a little tart (you can easily sweeten it more to your liking). And imagine adding it to cocktails...

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