Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Winter Skin Favorites

I hail from the land of Florida where humidity is the name of the game and I never really had to spend time worrying about excessively dry skin. When the cold spells did come, they went away quickly, with hardly any damage left on my skin.

But now! Now I live in the land of the seemingly five-month-long winter and I've had to figure out some ways to help keep my skin moisturized. Here are some of my favorites:

Humidifier - This was the biggest life changer for me. When we finally got one for our bedroom a few years ago, I noticed a difference with my skin in just one night - my skin was no longer dry every morning. It also helps with that dry, sore throat that can haunt you each morning during the winter. We've learned that we prefer a humidifier that releases cold air and doesn't have a filter.

Body Brush - Body brushes are great for sloughing away dead skin and helping with circulation. I try to dry brush before every shower; after consistent use my skin is noticeably healthier and softer.

Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, and Burt's Bee's Ageless Serum - While all of these are great on their own, during the winter I mix a few drops of each together in my palm, then apply to my face and neck (after misting with rose petal toner, as serums activate best when put on wet skin). I use this on days when I know I'll be home for a while and won't be putting on makeup, as the mixture is a bit oily to wear under makeup. My skin gets an immediate pick-me-up and I love how the mixture gradually absorbs over a couple hours.

Weleda Skin Food and Egyptian Magic - Taras and I both use these interchangeably as a night cream when we feel our skin is extra dry. Weleda is a think cream and the Egyptian Magic has a consistency similar to Vaseline, so it really just depends on what we feel like our skin needs. Weleda is also great on dry hands and feet. Also, that jar of Egyptian Magic is a bit pricey but I've had my jar for two years now, so it lasts for a while.

Rosebud Salve - I looove this stuff! Both Taras and I use it year-round to moisturize our lips. It's also great for cuticles!

Aveeno and Jojoba Oil - These are my two go-to's for moisturizing the whole body after a shower. For quick and easy I go with Aveeno, but if I have some extra time I like to use jojoba oil (it's also a great after-shower hair moisturizer, and really wonderful on the face!).

I've read that taking taking a cold shower helps to keep your skin from drying out (and there are a lot of other reported benefits of taking a cold shower) but I can't seem to try this method out for myself. A warm shower is the only thing that gets me through these New England winters. :) 

Tell me your favorite winter skin tips!

For all beauty products, I like to search the skin deep database and prefer to use only products with a rating of 3 or lower (least harmful). The products listed above meet this requirement, except for Weleda (I will likely replace this with a different product once we run out). A couple other products from above are not in the skin deep database but I have reviewed the ingredients and I believe them to have a low-hazard rating.

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