Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Sixth Wedding Anniversary

Last weekend we celebrated our six year wedding anniversary. Six years of doing life together! I really cannot believe how quickly time passes.

With Taras's company's holiday party on the same weekend, we decided to merge the two events. We spent the night in Boston and went to the party from there. Then we spent the next morning lazying around in a giant king-sized bed, watching the snow come down outside the windows, reading the Sunday Times, and sipping hot chocolate... it was pure bliss.

We stayed at Nine Zero downtown because we'd stayed there before and loved it (in fact, we've come to really enjoy the Kimpton brand of hotels). Taras wrote the hotel a note on our reservation that mentioned our anniversary and that we're expecting our first baby b - we were congratulated throughout our stay and even had some treats waiting for us in our room (baby b got a stuffed bear!).

While I had hoped we'd spend part of the weekend frolicking around Boston/Cambridge, the weather was a nice wintery mix that called more for indulging in comfort food than for aimlessly wandering the city sidewalks. We joined friends for an epic ramen adventure on Saturday afternoon, then finished off our weekend with a seriously amazing brunch at Tatte before we headed back home on Sunday afternoon.

Baby b wanted the pasty basket and I wanted the museli. We compromised and got both.

While there is no photographic evidence of the epic ramen eating, just trust me and go to the Lesley building in Porter square and stand in line for ramen. Maybe grab a bubble tea while you wait. You know, if you want to.

Anyway, it was a great staycation of sorts and the perfect, low-key way to celebrate our last anniversary as just the two of us.

We came home to a winter wonderland.

All photos taken on my iPhone.

PS - Last year I took a whole week to celebrate our five year anniversary - you can see those posts here.

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