Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pillow Talk

Enough baby talk for now... let's talk decorative pillows!

Lately, we've been slacking on decorating our home. For a couple weekends we worked hard at it, but it's slipped down on the priority list as of late. I'm hoping to finish what we started, sooner rather than later.

Getting decorative pillows for our couch is the next item on the list. I love our sofa and how firm it is, but pillows are a necessity, especially for winter weekends that are best spent cuddling while watching a movie or reading a book.

I took to the interwebs to gather pillow inspiration, with a focus on grays, teals, and yellows (these colors are most commonly used throughout our open-concept downstairs living area):

Our couch is long so I'll have to include some solid pillows (read: cheaper!) in the mix even though I personally love the look of having only mixed patterns.

Which look is your favorite? Look No. 2 would best compliment our living space (give me all the color!), but I'm not sure the husband will be down for a hashtag pillow :)

Look No. 1: H&M cushion cover; Walmart; H&M cushion cover
Look No. 2: Urban Outfitters; H&M cushion cover; Walmart
Look No. 3: CB2; JCPenney; Walmart
Look No. 4: CB2; Target; CB2
Look No. 5: Target; JCPenney; JCPenney

Also, I came across a few insightful posts about pillow and pattern mixing: How to Master the Throw-Pillow Mix (with plenty of pictures for reference); How to Mix Patterns (such a great video!); and A Guide to Mixing Patterns in Your Home (shows great graphic examples).


  1. I like look #2 BUT me personally, I would swap out the Hashtag pillow for the 1st pillow of the #5 set. Love the color palette (mustards are ma jam) but hashtag pillow...bleh...reads very "teenager" to me :)

    1. you know what's really unfortunate? i started looking for pillows before we rolled out our new living room rug. the rug is mustard...ish? with a tendency to look slightly pea green in certain lights. hmmm. we've decided to keep the rug, but i might have to avoid mustard all together on the couch, boo.

  2. I like #4 the best, but all are really cute. I even like the hashtag. :)

    1. I'm with you on the hashtag! I love that it's a little quirky and un-adult :)


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