Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dark Chocolate Bites

It's become clear that the baby and I have different ideas about what makes up a balanced diet. He/She wants all the sugar and, well, we all know that I worked hard to curb my sweet tooth a few years ago. After giving into the ice cream and cupcake cravings a few times, I've decided figure out some healthier options for when I'm craving something sweet.

I pinned these dark chocolate bites a while ago and decided to finally try them out - they are seriously so quick and easy to make! We keep a bar of good quality dark chocolate on hand, along with a bin filled with nuts and dried fruits, so we just pulled out all the ingredients and a few minutes later these were cooling in the fridge and ready for me to grab whenever I needed a fix. I think they might become a staple in our house!

To get the most health benefits from dark chocolate, use a bar that is at least 70% dark (although 85% dark would be even better - I like these suggestions for how to pick a dark chocolate bar).


  1. Yum! That looks like the perfect afternoon pick-me-up and it looks so easy to make!

    1. They really are so easy to make - I couldn't believe it!


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