Thursday, February 13, 2014

St. Augustine, FL

Last weekend I had a girlfriend who needed a hug and some bones that needed thawed out. So a couple of my Boston gals and I orchestrated a very last minute trip to St. Augustine to visit said friend and to (try to) thaw out said bones.

My college. The prettiest in all the land. 

We were thankful to have at least one day of beautiful sunshine and, I'll tell you, the 63 degrees that day might as well have been 80 degrees. We stayed outside all day and just soaked up the vitamin D. And now I'm sitting on my couch watching yet more snow fall. Winter, I'm over you. Time to move along to Spring.

Tables full of pirates: a totally normal occurrence in St. Augustine.

As far as towns go, St. Augustine is likely the love of my life. You know, the love that you took for granted when it was yours and now you want it back but it's not really that easy? Every time I visit, Taras knows to expect a conversation when I return about how I love it there and how it makes me whole and why can't we just move, anyway? And sunshine and warm weather (and unicorns!) live there! I might even throw in a few pathetic tears for good measure.

I mean, we're not moving. It's not really even an option with Taras's profession. But visiting my home state of Florida during the winter is a sure way to mess with this pregnant girl's emotions.

It was such a good, relaxing girls weekend. Just what all of us needed.

In baby news, this little babe inside of me had a few firsts over the weekend: first flight, first trip to Florida, and even its first boat ride! He/she handled it all like a champ, save for one night when he didn't seem super happy in there. But I seem to have kicked my long spell of pregnancy nausea while I was away (it was the unicorns. they fixed me.), so hooray for that!

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