Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Stuffed Animal Story

This morning I posted a picture (above) on instagram, introducing dinosaur to the instragram family (I introduced him on the blog in this post). Then, I got to thinking about mine and Taras's silly history with stuffed animals... so here-goes the story of two grown adults and their stuffed animals:

Mine and Taras's relationship was long distance until we were married. Along the way, we both gifted each other with stuffed animals to help with the distance. These guys even made an appearance at our wedding, where we put out a sign to explain their history:

"... These little buddies started off as an innocent gift, but as time went on, they became a necessary part of our relationship. Ambassador was first given to Amanda around Valentines Day; the stuffed animal is a penguin, signifying that penguins mate for life. When it became time to name it, Taras decided Ambassador was most meaningful, so the penguin could act as Taras's ambassador, protecting and watching over Amanda in Jacksonville. Soon after, Amanda gave Taras a little buddy of his own, and we appropriately named her Ambassarella..."

I know, I know! It's a little corny but these guys really did help to get us through those long distance days. Sometimes it was nice just to have something to hold tight, you know?

Our stuffed animal family! If you're wondering: yes! a duck + a penguin would totally make a dinosaur!

Fast-forward to today: Ambassador and Ambassarella now spend their time on a bookshelf. But the stuffed animal tradition is still alive and well in the Bouzakine house! Taras got me the stuffed dinosaur as a nod toward our baby in the belly and, well, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't gotten attached to him.

I've had many days so far in this pregnancy where I've been nauseous and sick; it can be hard and frustrating to get through those days. So when I'm feeling particularly down, I just pick up dinosaur and give him a squeeze. He's become this tangible object that reminds me that soon enough I will have a real baby to squeeze and all this sickness will have been totally worth it.

Dinosaur hangs out with me on the couch all day as I edit pictures and write posts (Taras always gets this adorable grin on his face when he comes home from work to find dinosaur by my side). If we're watching hulu in bed, I sit dinosaur between us and we both giggle because it's a little silly that we're watching TV with a stuffed dinosaur, but also because it's fun to sort of imagine how this will be our life very soon: us and a tiny person who will become our constant sidekick.

So, anyway, it's all very silly and in good fun but I think it's cool that we've unintentionally started a stuffed animal tradition in our family. :)

And, also, rawr means I love you in dinosaur so there's been a lot of rawring lately in these parts. (Print by ofCarola on etsy.)

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