Monday, March 17, 2014

It's A...

As I mentioned in the last update post, we had the ultrasound tech write down baby b's gender in an envelope for Taras and I to read at a time when we were ready. When we were in Jacksonville later that same week, we both felt it was the right spot to open the envelope. The city carries a lot of history for us so it made sense to include this little babe in a part of that history.

NOW. I debated posting this video. But our family loved it (of course they did! they're family, it's a rule!) so I'm going for it. The video is quirky and a little long, and we keep you in suspense until the very end. Also, I'm not showered, my hair isn't even combed, and the camera angle is maybe the worst ever - it's not a flattering video, to say the least (gah!). Anyway, you're welcome.

Let us know if you have trouble viewing the video.

In case you decided to skip the video... IT'S A BOY!

21 weeks! 

We went back and forth about how to tell the family. At first we thought we'd just e-mail them the video... but then for them to learn this exciting news through e-mail seemed a little wrong. We decided it would be more fun to have everyone over for dinner to share the news.

Once we got everyone in the house and a drink in their hand, we sat them around the tv and played the video. It was such a fun night! And we fit 10 adults around our dining room table, which might have been the most exciting part of my night. And, also, we hosted a 10 person dinner - fist pump! ;) We both feel incredibly grateful for our family being so close and for the chance to share this fun adventure with them (and thankful for the sweetest gifts they all brought over for the babe!).

All this baby stuff is starting to feel more real and time is starting to speed up, it seems. Just yesterday, I felt baby boy move around for the first time - it was so thrilling! The reality that we will soon be parents of a little BOY is starting to set in - I'm already nervous for the future tree climbing adventures. :)


  1. So fun! Congratulations! Baby boys are SO much fun!

    1. Thanks Anne! We're so, so excited!

  2. Congratulations! What a fun and exciting way to find out. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. That was a beautiful video announcement.....congrats...


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