Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life Lately

A bit of an update on life lately...

- Welp, I'm 19 weeks pregnant - almost halfway through! Yesterday we had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound and it was maybe the coolest part of the pregnancy so far. I haven't started feeling the babe move around inside of me, so I'm sure that will be tops once that happens. Anyway, our little one was very active, moving its arms and sticking out its tongue! And, ohmygoodness, we could see the heart beating! There was one tiny stream of happy tears rolling down my cheek the entire time. And Taras would squeeze my hand each time the tech looked at a different body part and declared it to be "perfect". It was such a special time and we are so, so thankful.

- I'm starting to get to the point where I need to wear legit pregnancy clothes. But I'm really trying to avoid buying winter pregnancy clothes... because, seriously, go away winter! I went through my closet today and pulled together a little section of regular clothes that still work, and now I'm considering it a fun challenge to see how long I can go before buying more than the handful of maternity basics I already have. I'm excited that I'll be the most pregnant in summer when I can just slip on a sundress and flip flops!

- I know blogging has been sporadic the past week or two. Honestly, I have a list of things to create and blog about but I'm really uninspired. I don't want to blog for the sake of blogging and I only want to put stuff on here when it's meaningful to me. I'm sure I'll get back into the groove of things soon. In the meantime, we're headed to Florida this weekend for my high school bestie's wedding, so I'll at least have some Florida pictures to share next week. :)

- At our ultrasound appointment yesterday we had them write the baby's gender on paper and slip it in an envelope for us to read later. We aren't planning to do any sort of gender reveal party; we just weren't ready to know right then. We think it'll be special and fun to find out the gender in a setting more private than the doctor's office. We're not sure when we'll open it. but maybe this weekend while we're in Florida? Florida is such a big part of the beginning of mine and Taras's love story, plus a big part of my personal history, so it might be nice to have a significant moment of the pregnancy happen while we're in Florida. We'll see...

- We're slowly (slowwwly) starting to make a list of baby stuff we need. A couple weekends ago we got a nice jump start by getting some hand-downs from friends (thanks so much, Nick and Natasha!) and then last weekend we joined all the other pregnant women in New England at Ikea... I think all this has motivated us to finally start researching and listing out everything we'll need. We're trying to keep things simple... no overflowing amounts of baby clothes and toys and products. Less is more is our motto right now. I think I've also decided not to have a baby shower. It's kind of a shocking decision considering I'm a very traditional and girly sort of girl. But I don't know... it just doesn't feel right? I mean, I'll throw any of my friends a shower any day and I love going to other peoples' showers, but for some reason I just don't want it for myself. Did any of you skip a baby shower, too?

- This blog post... so good. I've had a similar post in my drafts for while now but I haven't been able to get the words out in a way that I think is most meaningful. But Drea really worded her post so well - this is very much where we are in our lives right now... spending less, consuming less, living a simpler life. Ever since we came back from our road trip in 2012 (when we basically lived out of our car for six months) I've resolved to have less... to consume more mindfully... to not get wrapped up in the standard American ways of bigger is better and spend, spend, spend. Anyway, I think the post is worth a read!

What's new with all of you?

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