Monday, March 24, 2014

Pregnancy Notes | 22 Weeks

I made it to 22 weeks, hooray! Here are some notes of how the pregnancy has been going lately...

> My belly finally popped a couple weeks ago and I couldn't be more thrilled. I was definitely over that in-between phase of awkward weight gain. I love having this little belly and secretly wish it would stay this small and cute all the way to 40 weeks, haha! Ever since the belly popped out, I'm rubbing it all the time - I don't even realize I'm doing it until I catch myself.

> Each night, Taras rubs my belly with lotion and has a little chat with baby boy. Usually, the conversation starts with Taras leaning in close to the belly and loudly saying, "baby, this is your daddy speaking!" and my heart melts every time.

> I'm still sleeping well, aside from the increased number of nightly potty breaks. And there's the crazy vivid dreams I have each night that usually wake me up. Seriously, crazy dreams. Oh, and I seem to drool a lot more these days and sometimes wake myself up from my own puddle of drool. I know, gross.

> My body hasn't yet started having negative reactions to the extra weight I'm carrying around. I'm hopeful that this will continue for a while!

> My face isn't having the same success as the rest of my body. Major breakouts. :/

> I started feeling baby boy move around just over a week ago, which is the coolest thing ever. It's also the scariest thing ever when I don't feel him for a little while. He was in hiding all this past weekend which, of course, made me a little nervous - it's a roller coaster of emotions, ya'll! This morning he was tumbling around quite a bit so I sat still for about a half hour to just pay attention to him moving.

> One of the hardest things for me since the beginning of this pregnancy has been the nutrition aspect. I was sick for a long time (through week 17) and then once I started feeling more normal, I continued to struggle with being able to eat well. I would gag up food or only be able to eat a couple bites of food in each sitting (except when french fries or ice cream were involved, in which case baby would let me eat it all and keep it down). Nutrition is kinda my thing and to feel like I haven't been able to regularly provide that benefit to the baby has been difficult for me. Many tears of frustration have definitely been shed over this. I do feel like I'm finally moving past these struggles - just within the past couple of days my appetite is the biggest it's been yet this pregnancy and I've been able to eat the meals I want to eat. I'm hopeful it'll continue to be this way!

> I haven't had any food cravings yet but I really hope I have at least one crazy craving story to tell by the end of the pregnancy!

> We still haven't done much in terms of preparing for baby and we're starting to realize how quickly the time is passing. We have our babymoon coming up next weekend and have decided that once we get back, it's time to get serious about preparing for baby b!

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