Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cancun, Mexico Babymoon

Last week we flew down to Cancun, Mexico for a few days of sunshine and relaxation - we'll take any excuse to travel so we definitely couldn't pass up the chance to go on a babymoon! When we were planning for the trip we knew what we wanted: hot weather and sunshine! We played around with a bunch of ideas of where to go, but ended up finding a great deal through Travelzoo for an all inclusive resort in Mexico.

Mexico's computer network system went down as we arrived at customs... two hours later we finally moved through the line!

We were hesitant at first - we're not really the all inclusive types, usually preferring to plan our own meals, do our own exploring, and have some sort of adventure during our trips. But finally we decided that the point of this trip was to just relax so we went with the all inclusive resort. We fully committed to relaxing and even decided not to do any excursions during our few days there. Instead, we did a lot of lounging, swimming, and reading.

It took a whole day for me to fully embrace the slow pace of our trip, but by the last day we both agreed that it was exactly the calm we needed before the upcoming baby's arrival - a lot of time just hanging out with each other, with no plans or schedules to get in the way.

We found ourselves following the same routine each day: breakfast, pool, lunch, nap, beach walk, watch the sunset, dinner, repeat.

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