Thursday, April 10, 2014

Clothes Swapping Party

A couple weekends ago I hosted a clothes swapping party. About ten ladies came over for brunch-y snacks and mimosas and they brought along any clothes, shoes, and accessories that weren't getting used in their own closets. We set out all the clothes then "shopped" each others' clothes for free!

I couldn't believe how much stuff everyone was getting rid of - we had all sizes, styles, and seasons to pick from. It was fun trying on clothes and getting others' opinions, and also fun to hang out and chat with everyone after we had all searched through the racks and piles of clothes.

Everyone was excited for all the new things they found, even if they were initially hesitant about the whole swapping thing. Afterward, I dropped off the leftovers at Goodwill so no one had to bother with taking their old stuff back home. All in all, a huge success!


  1. Thanks for hosting the swap party, I had a great time and love all my "new to me" clothes and shoes! Thanks for taking all the leftovers to goodwill too!

    1. my pleasure! so glad you were able to come!

  2. I hosted a party like this once and it was tons of fun swapping clothes with friends. You're food spread and clothing display look 10 times better than mine though! I'm glad it was a fun party!


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