Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Engineer Print + Watercolor

For a while now I'd been wanting to experiment with engineer prints, which are basically large black and white photos that you can get for cheap from places like Staples and Kinko's (see more info here).

I sent the above photo to Staples to have it printed (it's from Olympic National Park and is one of my favorites from our road trip). I loved the grainy black and white quality of the engineer print, but thought it'd be fun to add some color.

I used watercolors to paint in the grass, flowers, and sky. If I were to do it all over again, I would have left the sky alone rather than painting it blue - the sky was so large and in the end the water brush strokes didn't turn out very well. Plus, keeping the sky grey would have allowed the flowers to pop much more. Next time!

One thing worth noting is that the watercolor did make the paper crinkly, since these prints are on regular paper. I was fine with that for this project, but it might be too crafty-looking if you're going for something that's more refined.

The print lives at the top of our staircase where there's no natural light, which is very forgiving to the crazy blue sky and crinkly paper (but not very helpful for trying to get a good photograph of the finished product!).

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