Monday, April 14, 2014


This is not a sponsored post.

Now that Taras and I don't live in the city, it's a bit more of a (costly) ordeal to fly out of Boston. There are options (taking a bus from Portsmouth to Boston, parking at the airport, parking for a reduced rate nearby the airport) but all of these alternatives cost lots of money.

We travel a lot. And one way we're able to travel so much is by cutting unnecessary costs whenever we can. So earlier this year when we flew out to Florida, Taras spent some time researching parking alternatives that didn't leave us paying as much for parking as we had already paid for one leg of the flight. He came across FlightCar and our lives are forever changed! The company is a start-up in Boston, LA, and San Francisco and offers a new way to car share.

People flying out of the airport park for FREE with FlightCar in their lot nearby the terminals (it's super close). Then, FlightCar is able to rent out your car to approved travelers (for really great rental rates). Insurance is covered by them. Your gas gets filled back up to where you left it. Your car even gets cleaned! And, if your car is rented, you get a check for a portion of the proceeds. There are guidelines as to the age and mileage of qualifying cars, so be sure to check out their website for all the details.

We've used their service twice now and have been thrilled both times. Their service has been efficient and friendly, and we love that they take you to and from the terminals in a fancy black car. You'll have an email from FlighCar waiting in your inbox when your flight lands, making it easy to notify them that you're ready to be picked up. It's seamless. And in the winter, you get back to the lot to find your car ready with the heat running. :)

We're huge fans of the car sharing movement, going back to our car-less Cambridge days when we fell in love with Zipcar. We've both been pleased to see how the car sharing community has grown to companies like RelayRideslyft, and Sidecar.  But it was still a little weird coming home from our trip to Mexico to learn that our beloved Zion had been rented out - we didn't mind that someone else had driven our car, but we were dying to know just what adventure he went on while we were away!

Would you give something like this a try?

And, hey, if you use FlightCar, I'd love for you to enter the referral code RVGG - you and I will both get perks!


  1. No way! That would be so helpful for travel!

    1. I hope they expand to other airports - it's such a great service!


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