Monday, April 28, 2014

Photo Collage Wall

Taras and I decided to dedicate the wall at the bottom of our stairs to our instagram photos - mostly of photos taken during our travels.

The collage wall is my favorite wall in the house - we both pass it a gazillion times a day, each time catching a glimpse of some of our favorite memories. We still need to figure out a solution for around the light switch, but other than that, all we have to do is keep adding to the wall as we're ready to.

We used the Print Studio app to process our photos and I'm so happy with the quality of the prints, the paper they use (it's nice and thick), and the white photo borders. To adhere the pictures to the wall, we used 3M blue painter's tape, so there won't be any harm done to the photos or the wall.


  1. really cool photo collage!! you have a beautiful place

  2. I love this, what a terrific idea! I like that it looks clean and organized too. Isn't Social Print Studio great??


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